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At Telesales Source, we know how busy you are trying to make your business succeed.

Telesales Source offers test campaigns for businesses who want to experience our telesales services cost effectively, sample the skills and experience of our U.S. based representatives and assess the results before committing to a larger program.


What matters most? Our client’s results. REGISTER TODAY to arrange a Telemarketing Test Campaign that will allow you to see for yourself how telemarketing can help you see amazing results.


Telemarketing allows you to answer your prospects’ questions, address concerns and overcome objections during a single call. You can also easily modify your offer and audience as you work with your program manager to fine tune your campaign.  Our experienced Telesales Source team gives you the flexibility to adjust your marketing strategy midstream and make any changes necessary to maximize results.

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You’re busy running your business. We understand! That’s why we have a wide range of helpful services to take the load off your shoulders.

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