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Giving You What You Need – That Extra Boost

Peace of Mind Included

At Telesales Source we offer a variety of programs to help take the load off your shoulders including:

Membership Drives: 

Thinking about expanding your organization or simply increasing the name recognition of an organization. Let us do the calling for you.

Invitations to Events and Seminars:

Event Marketing, increase attendance and let the target know what you’re doing and when. Increase Web Seminar attendance. Changes in last-minute details and printing or mailing delays can cut the time you have to promote your event, we can help. Thousands of calls per day will get the message out and you will get the immediate response.

Boost responses of follow-up to email or direct mail:

Whether we call before an email or direct mail piece goes out to give the target something to look for or to spur activity post mailing.

Seminar Reminders and Events:

Use our services for special events, speakers, promotions, etc. to increase awareness and boost attendance. Send reminders of live events and web seminars in a personalized message. 

Conference Registration and Trade Show Attendance or Exhibitors:

Time is a commodity these days, let us call all your contacts from earlier shows for you for less cost and time. If you are getting close to the event and have a lot of exhibitor space still available let our team reach out to earlier or potential exhibitors to fill the space. We can also aid in increasing exhibitors from the onset so there is no rush.

Increase event attendance with a personal message. Our team can boost registration to your Conference or increase attendance at and upcoming Trade Show by calling and delivering your message or inciting a sense of urgency for an upcoming event. It is also a great way to communicate between your Association and its members.


Do you have a specific need that’s not mentioned on our website? Contact us today with your details and we’ll match you up with one of our highly trained and experienced professional consultants. We’ve handled many business tasks over the years and are happy to help with yours.